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my relationship with benjamí is odd. we’re practically strangers, and yet he’s on my mind almost every day and we have a lot in common. to start with, we’ve been sleeping together for years… or better said; one of his works accompanies my dreams every night. i went to a party many years ago (no need to mention how many) with my friend mont plans and benjamí was there as well. they raffled off one of his paintings at the party and i was the winner. since then, his angels throwing milk have kept me company in my bedroom.on the other hand, with time, i discovered that benjamí and i have even more things in common.  our way of seeing life and, especially, of creating: the way of allowing yourself to be carried away by intuition while in front of a blank sheet of paper; of valuing the importance of fantasy as a way of seeing life, as a projection of yourself; the importance of humour in all of our work.  “humor empowers the imagination, and it is easier to portray what you see”, he says - truth with a capital “t”; the way of learning from your mistakes to discover the path that will finally transport you magically to the central theme of your work…but above all, what i identify with most is his love of chorus girls… those incredibly amusing beings who transmit sensuality, love, generosity and humor through every pore of their bodies. benjamí constantly has them appear in his work and i like to evoke them in my shows.however, i do have to recognize that what has impressed me the most has been his ability to envision the entirety of his work in this catalogue. he’s left me completely astounded. i’d keep all of his creations for myself.

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