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"my pictorial dream can be summed up by this constant desire for human liberty."


"the act of painting with passion is a risk that must be taken. simply, my desire will be the starting point for my work”

"it is true that there is always a humoristic quality in everything i do, and I’m not really sure why. maybe it’s because imagination grows more powerful with humor, and it can combine all the images it wants to more freely.”


"i realize that what happens to me is that i loose myself and find myself again with every step i take. i progress by discarding or reencountering, like de stael; i advance one error at a time. and then i magically discover the connecting theme that i had overlooked in another subject.

it is the most powerful experience you can have.”

"why does a dreamed up fantasy world have to be any less real than a world full of realities without fantasy?”


"i like swiftness. i abhor having to go over and over a form in order to achieve perfection that, the majority of times, continues being imperfect.”


"sure i ’d like to do things more ethereal, softer, that everybody would like and that would be more sellable, but i can’t burden myself with obligations in something like painting that, for me, represents complete liberty."

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